Room and Home Additions Torrance

The best way to increase the current space of your property is home additions. When you purchase a home you may not foreseen the need of additional living space or storage space. As time passes you realize that you need extra space for your family. So, if you are looking for a room addition or complete remodeling, our team of experienced contractors is here to assist you in every step to perform your project with professionalism and ease.

Every individual has their specific needs. Some people may want a simple expansion of a room or a complete room addition. Don’t worry, Uac Contractors Torrance is here for every type of renovating job. Home addition is the easiest and affordable way to increase the space of your home. We can simply add a room to any part of your house with the use of the proper equipment.

Some of the common reasons for home additions are as follows:
- Family Room
- Playroom
- Additional Bedroom
- Guest Rooms
- In-law Quarters
- Home Office/Study
- Storage Space
- Kitchen Utility Room expansion
- Dining Room Expansion
- Home Theatre/Entertainment


When it comes to adding a room to your home, our greatest assets is the level of craftsmanship, commitment and knowledge our contractors bring to each project. We think that the best working environment for everyone is honesty and attention to detail. These two main factors are the keys for a successful remodeling job.

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I would like to take this time to thank the contractors on their performance in remodeling my kitchen. The design they used was excellent and they took the time to help us in the selection process. They made a huge impact in our life by totally renovating our kitchen.

--Kyle S.